Jane Vern Schlachter

"Attorney Jane Schlachter has successfully represented THREE GENERATIONS of my family.   Two  of  the

cases that she handled were of particularly high net worth involving long and intense litigation.  The issues

involved numerous family trusts, partnerships, corporations, eminent domain and tax issues.  She acted as my

advocate through the entire process and knew exactly when and whom to bring in as experts.  As a direct  result

of her excellent advocacy, preparation of legal documents, research of the law, strategizing and her understanding

of human nature, I reached my goal and avoided a full blown trial.   I was grateful to have her on my side."

-S. Bryant.


"In a multifaceted complex litigation case covering many years  and seemingly overwhelming, Attorney Jane

Schlachter worked through a mountain of information, was very clear in her communications and was compassionate

and supportive of my situation.   She represented me with nothing less than the highest level of professionalism. 

In the end , her thoroughness, professionalism, and integrity yielded a positive outcome. The best recommendation

I can give, is to say that if the need should ever arise in the future for legal services, I would contact Attorney

Schlachter without hesitation."

-G. Ross.


"Attorney Schlachter is a formidable attorney who has proven to be a knowledgeable and thorough counselor,

totally versed in the appropriate law and  is comfortable in a courtroom.   Her thoughtful and  well reasoned approach,

helped guide me through my legal difficulties at a time of extreme stress and vulnerability.  The outcome exceeded

my best expectations."

-Steve Bodenstein.

"I hired Attorney Jane Schlachter for both business and personal legal matters.  She is thorough, patient,

knowledgeable and reliable.   She is trustworthy and honest with a good heart - a rare combination for

an attorney."

-Patricia Pennington.

 "Jane Schlachter's professional balance of integrity and knowledge coupled with her genuine sincerity to

understanding my situation was a winning formula."

- D. Harrod

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